How These Elements Can Help Increase Your Vocabulary
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How These Elements Can Help Increase Your Vocabulary

There are multiple different reasons as to why you should want to improve and increase your vocabulary. N ot only will you feel good about yourself, as you will have a larger command of your language, but it makes you smarter. Countless studies and research have shown that by simply improving your vocabulary can also increase your IQ. On top of this, there are also many practical benefits that you will gain by improving your vocabulary. The best benefit from improving your vocabulary includes being able to communicate your ideas to people more effectively.


Although many think games are harmful, the fact is actually rather the opposite. Games not only improve your c ognitive skills but can also improve your vocabulary. There are games specifically designed to improve your memory just as there are also games like the casino periodic table which can enhance your vocabulary as well as extend your knowledge. Word games especially challenge you and enable you to discover new words and meaning which expands your vocabulary.


If you really want to challenge yourself to increase your vocabulary then try reading a book on a philosophy or even a book from the classical literature section. These types of books will really push your vocabulary forward. The more material you read, you get to discover new words, use a combination of attempting to derive the meaning of them from the context of the sentence as well as looking them in a dictionary.

Dictionary & Thesaurus

As well as looking up the meaning of words you have come across in a dictionary they, along with a thesaurus are handy to have. By having access to a dictionary and a thesaurus whether it be paper or hard back or even online you can look up the meaning of words in the dictionary. Then go to the thesaurus and find similar words and phrases thus increasing your vocabulary. It has also been reported that Eminem, the famous artist, use to spend hours reading a dictionary in order to remember as many different words as possible to expand his vocabulary for his rhymes thus enhancing his songs.


As Eminem choose to spend hours reading a dictionary to improve his vocabulary and enhance his songs, try writing whether itís a journal or short story. Reading and writing go hand in hand with one another, and there is no better way than to show off your new vocabulary with writing as you will have all your hard work in a physical format.

Practice New Words

It is noted that it can actually take between 10 and 20 repetitions to make a new word part of your vocabulary, which writing will help with this. To also help these new words stay in your mind, try writing them down, use it in a conversation and any other way you can think of when it comes to including it into everyday life.

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