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Train-The-Trainer Presentation Skills


The success of any training program depends on the quality of the trainers or instructors. We all know the instructor can make or break the success of the training. Many knowledgeable instructors are not effective because they lack the effective presentation skills.



This course is designed for new trainer, the seasoned trainer who is looking for some new ideas or to just validate what they are doing now by taking a refresher course.


The objective of this course is to make you a better presenter. Lenny is a seasoned professional speaker and an expert in presentation skills and public speaking techniques. The objective also includes learning how to project that professional image and one who displays confidence.


The 7 Aspects of a Dynamic Presentation

Qualities of a Good Speaker

How to Create a Great First Impression

How to work with difficult students

How to Structure & Organize Your Training Program

Adult Learning Principals

Lesson Plan Development

Developing Terminal & Enabling Objectives

Task Analysis Techniques

Group Excercise Techniques

Team Presentation Skills Concepts

Mind Mapping Techniques

How To Create Visual Aids

and much more....



Train-the-Trainer (TTT) participants will be presented the opportunity to instruct, facilitate and present simultated training sessions to the other participants.


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