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What People have said...

Thank you so much for the time you took to come to Utah and train our trainers in the Water and Wastewater industry. You provided us with a very professional program that was well thought out, well put together and professionally presented. Each of the comments we heard about the day were positive and everyone came away with something they learned or could improve upon to better their training skills. This is exactly what we were looking for in putting on this program so thank you for doing such a great job! We appreciated our time with you and were not disappointed!

                Shannon Rasmussen
                Utah Rural Water Association

Dear Mr.Lenny, I would like to thank you for the great training course that I attended this week with you in Abu Dhabi. I do a lot of training and rehearsing my material in order to deliver it in a way that you will be proud of me as one of your trainers. Once again thanks and see you soon

                Mohamed Hassan Shehatta
                Chief FInancial Officer, Bin Ham Enterprises

Lenny Laskowski was pivotal in helping my mock trial team prepare for the North Carolina State Mock Trial Tournament this year. He worked with one of my attorneys last year, and her confidence and delivery improved tremendously. Based on her improvement, I decided to have all of my Opening and Closing attorneys work with him for this year’s competition. They met with him last December for initial suggestions and training. The other team members observed while he explained intentional movement, voice projection, and ways to make their speeches stronger and more convincing. Once they had incorporated the suggestions from the first training session, we came back for a final session to polish the speeches before competition. This session gave each student the opportunity to ask questions and to have every part of their performance critiqued. Lenny is very hands-on as he explains everything from body language to facial expressions to physical position. Every team member noted how helpful his instruction was – even the students who only observed the training. Lenny made the training affordable, he was extremely easy to work with, and he was approachable to both me and the students. Working with Lenny will be a standard part of our preparation moving forward!

                Jenny Creech, Coach
                Wake Classical/Unity Mock Trial Team
                2016 and 2017 Wilmington Regional Champions
2016 and 2017 State Mock Trial Finalist

I got the pleasure of spending a few hours with Lenny to work on an upcoming conference that I am having in a couple of weeks. We spent the first hour of tutoring discussing my needs and then we spent a half day doing a training session. My training included developing clear presentation materials and how to present them effectively.

We also talked about the little things when it comes to public speaking - from making sure the room is set up correctly to how hand gestures can really make a difference when giving a presentation. Lenny has worked with all types of people from around the world and he is very knowledgeable on the subject of public speaking. I would highly recommend Lenny.

                Paige P.
                Wilmington, NC

Lenny is a true professional and expert in the field of public speaking and communication. During the 3 days of private coaching with him, I learned more than I could have ever imagined. Lenny willingly shared his huge expertise with me and showed me all aspects involved with setting up my workshop. Through his powerful and effective video-taping coaching system, I became a much better and more confident speaker. After visiting Lenny, I had all the tools I needed to continue with my project. Lenny truly stands out as a coach and doesn't hesitate to go the extra mile to prepare his students for success.

                Ellen Hol
                Holistic Health Care Practitioner
                Healing Transformations

When speaking about Trainer Lenny Laskowski during this course, we can evaluate the most sticking figure in this field He is excellent.

                Abd Alla Soliman El Azaz
                The Official Speaker of Saudi prisons.

Attending this course with the international trainer Lenny Laskowski is a new addition to my life where I profited from this course and its non official meeting the affair which availed a distinctive training condition. Hopping you more success in your scientific and practical life.

                Badr El Hazemi
                Faculty's Dean

Thanks to every participant in this workshop under the leadership of the international trainer Lenny Laskowski She enjoys great experience, good performance and unlimited giving to all participants, thanks to all specially, Medex Co. and its officials.

                Khalifa Mohamed El Mihrisi
                Chancellar at Dubai Courts.

The course of presentation skills with Lenny Laskowski was very good because of the trainer's character, I could profit from this course, thanks to Medix the organizer of this course for good organization.

                Yousef Eldos
                Academic and informalionlist

The training course with Lenny Laskowski was very useful due to trainers, reactions specially we are from different Arab countries and civilizations. Thank You” Nihad El Kilani
H.R and skilles development Consultant, Cairo

As a student I want to show my gratitude for your assistance in providing positive feedback for my message on November 7, 2010. Your book 10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking has also provided a wealth of information. Preparation was a critical part of overcoming the thirty second nervousness associated with speaking in public.

I look forward to putting your words into practice during upcoming events.

                Anthony E. Sykes, MSgt USMC Ret.
                Aberdeen Proving Ground

Lenny - I would like to express my thanks to you for the role you played in making our National Business Meeting a tremendous success this year! Your seminar "Simply Speaking…Selling Yourself and Your Ideas" was highly informative, interesting and effective. Everyone who attended greatly benefited and gave successful presentations at our meeting.

                Mark Lyle, Vice President, Marketing
                W.J. Deutsch & Sons Ltd.

"Thanks Lenny. Your presentation was energetic and achieved our goal of setting the stage for the day--your insights, particularly about SEO got rave reviews from a rather savvy marketing crowd."

                Mona Buckley, CEO
                Professional Insurance Marketing Association

"I've been speaking professionally for over 16 years spending thousands of dollars in various websites that never worked as advertised from supposedly top flight designers. For an investment of a regular chapter meeting, Lenny Laskowski provided specific & powerful tools and techniques that made immediate massive positive impact on my website. He also provided a remarkable format for a reliable internet marketing tool. This is one of the NSA speakers every chapter should have on their "must come here" list.

                Bill Karlson, Past
                President, NSA Tennessee

"Lenny Laskowski facilitated numerous Presentation Skill classes for the Department of the Army, CECOM LCMC, Fort Monmouth, NJ. We received excellent feedback from the attendees. I personally attended his Presentation Skills class and found it informative and effective. Lenny was a pleasure to work with and extremely flexible. "

                Natalie Grenoble
                Organizational Development Specialist
                Fort Monmouth, NJ

"I am Erdem, student in the Master of Engineering Management program at Duke University. I am a Fulbright scholar from Turkey. I was an active participant in your "Simply Speaking: Selling Yourself and Ideas" workshop yesterday.

I would like to thank you very much for this workshop; I've been to many events about presentation techniques and public speaking, but this was by far the most informative and useful one!"

                Erdem Sahillioglu
                Master of Engineering Management
                Duke University

“We have never had so much positive feedback about a speaker as we did with Lenny Laskowski.”

                Tom Mariam
                Programs Chairman
                PRSA Westchester-Fairfield chapter

"I spent an entire day with Lenny and his videotape, and we worked through all of the major presentation issues related to my trial. He provided excellent comments and criticism on my opening statement, closing argument, and trial exhibits. I left with much more confidence in not only the case, but in my own ability to be the best possible advocate for my client's cause. I recommend Lenny without reservation for pre-trial preparation, especially where there is too much at stake to leave to chance."

                Daniel L. Abrams
                Law Office of Daniel L. Abrams, PLLC
                New York City, NY

"As a National Speakers Association member for eight years, a member of three NSA chapters and a past president of the Tri-State Chapter I have gotten to see many fine presentations. I would say your two programs this past Saturday as it relates to the internet and web sites were two of the finest I have attended.

A million thanks for making your three hours with us so memorable. You provided substance and actionable suggestions that will help attendees grow their business whether they are consultants, speakers or trainers.

                Juan Negroni, The Tally Consultancy

"I would like to thank you for the outstanding seminar you recently conducted on behalf of Verizon's National Sales Support Team. Your seminar, "Simply Speaking...Selling Yourself & Your Ideas" was exactly the type of hands-on, practical skills transfer that we were looking for! I also want to thank you, for your thorough preparation and the quality of the materials that you provided to our group. Much of the anecdotal feedback that we have received truly speaks very positively to your professionalism and method of delivery. As our group makes presentations for a living, you were able to speak to them in a language familiar to them and to provide them with tips and techniques with which they were previously unfamiliar. The participants left your seminar energized and with an increased level of confidence in their abilities to make professional presentations.

                Jeff Patton, Senior Staff Consultant/Manager
                National Sales Support Team

"I would like to thank you for your recent efforts in upgrading the presentation skills of the R&D department here at Cabot Microelectronics. I thought the format of you presenting two 4-hr workshops in early summer, followed by critquing our project reviews one- and two-months later respectively, was highly effective. It enabled the concepts to sink in and be out into practice immediately, and brought you back to reinforce good practices."

                Cliff Spiro, Vice President, Research & Development
                Cabot Microelectronics

"I want to thank you for providing your two-day presentation skills seminar for our professional staff at the FRench Embassy in Washington, DC. The feedback we received from each of participants was that the seminar was one of the best seminars they ever attended. The program was very well organized and each particpant learned much during the two days you spent with us. We certainly plan to use your services in the near future for another seminar.

                Laurent Jacquet-Saillard, Head of Administrative Department
                Ambassade De France Aux Etats-Unis

"Thanks for spending two days with us to present your "Simply Speaking...Selling Yourself & Your Ideas" seminar. The workshop was an excellent event - well organized, well-run, and highly informative. The extent to which you practice what you teach was evident throughout the two days, and served to reinforce all that we learned. Feedback from the attendees at the time was highly positive. Everyone who attended took away at least a few key tips, and I believe, came away with more than they expected"

                Jordan M. Corn, Corporate IT Strategy, Architecture & Planning
                Rohm & Haas

"I have your book, "10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking." I am preparing to launch into a campaign of speaking before retirees like myself. Your book is an excellent guide for me and gives me the confidence to know I can do this with a bit of humor. Thank you for the lamp in the darkness. Much of fear comes from the unknown (how will I be received?).

                B. Case, Proud Owner of
                "10 Days to More Confident Public Speaking"

"Your presentation on "How to Effectively Present Yourself & Your Ideas" at our company was both informative and exceptionally interesting. In fact, your insightful real life stories turned out to be one of the highlights of the meeting! We thoroughly enjoyed the "sneak previews" you provided directly after each presentation, and the favorable comments following your presentation reflected the consensus. All of us extend our warm thank for an outstanding presentation"

                Susan Giroux-Cohen, Manager of Human Resourcres

"No Sweat Presentations - The Painless Way to Successful Speaking" not only brought our attention to our deficiencies in public speaking, but it raised our level of proficiency in just two comprehensive and enjoyable sessions."

                Louis P. (Dan) Valente , Chariman and CEO
                Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc

"My students found your lectures on strategic internet marketing highly informative and chock-full of practical information. Your presentations were energetic, well prepared, and highly relevant. Such experienced professionals as you help our students for a career in management by providing useful information from the real world. "

                Dr. Eli Noam, Professor and Director
                Columbia University Graduate School of Business

"Thank you for holding your Presentation Skills Seminars for three of our employee groups. The feedback we received from the employees who attended the sessions was very positive. While many people initially were reluctant to speak in front of a group, particularly when a video camera was recording their every word, most indicated that after a while the panic gave way to enthusiasm. Everyone who completed the seminars said they were enjoyable and very helpful. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into these seminars. They were obviously well thought out and presented in such a way as to promote confidence and reduce stage fright in the participants. "

                Mechtilde Boeing, Vice President,
                DG Bank
                Deutsche Genossenschaftsbank AG
                New York Branch

"Thank you for the energetic two-day seminar on Executive Presentation Skills. At our company's quarterly meeting, the evidence was observed by all of us! Each person who attended the seminar gave a better, more effective presentation based on the techniques you provided. Thank you again for providing a new approach to giving presentations."

                M. Garret, Practice Director
                Advanced Technologies & Services, LLC

"After investing 4 months, using the internet heavily each day, to get a sense of the opportunities open to my business, I had only a rough idea of what I really should have. Fortunately for me, I had the opportunity to watch you demonstrate what is actually effective in internet marketing. I recognized instantly that your seminar and expertise would save me hundreds of hours of on-line time. Thanks Lenny!"

                Joseph F. Dunphy, MBA

"Your suggestions made a big difference in my presentations. Your coaching style raised my confidence level during the presentations and greatly improved the quality of my presentations"

                K. Colgan, Sr. Engineer
                Northeast Utilities Service Company

"Thanks for writing your book. It is extremely useful to use. Constructive ideas, not just theory. At your seminar you were the model of your presentation"

                C. McCain
                Alpha Delta Kappa Chapter

"Your 2 hour mini-workshop "Making Effective Presentations" was the highlight of our Council Planning Conference." Each member will benefit from your workshop well into the future of their careers"

                R. Gary, Associate Scout Executive
                Long Rivers Council, Boy Scouts Of America

"Your presentation on public speaking was very well received by the attendees. Your tips on preparing for a presentation will be used by all of us in the months (and probably years) to come"

                J. Slifer, Program Chairperson
                CT Chapter of the American Marketing Association

"I especially appreciated your willingness to join our group early and spend some time getting to know our officers. It really made you part of the group and therefore, I feel, a more compelling speaker for our event"

                L. Burks, Manager of Division Activities
                Photo Marketing Association International

"Your seminar was very professionally done. You were an excellent example of your seminars subject matter. Very professional"

                S. Dumeer, Teacher
                Newington High School

"You're good! You took a dull subject and made it live!"

                A. Weiss, President
                Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

"As Director of Marketing, I shared your materials with our entire marketing and sales staff. Not only did each individual benefit, but as a team we can't be beat!"

                E. Talbot,Director of Marketing & Special Products
                HBAC Relocation

"What a great presentation you made to our employees. You were not only humorous, but entertaining and creative in your approach"

                K. Scoville, Employee Assistance Officer
                Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance Company

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