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I am an international professional speaker and an expert on presentation skills and related topics.

Below is a collection of my most requested monthly speaking tips. New tips are added frequently.

These tips are based on my various publications. Booklets are also available for purchase on each of these topics and can be easily ordered on-line. Please take a look at my complete list of other publications.

    How to Make a Great First Impression: WEBINAR Recording

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    What Do Great Presenters Do That Good Presenters Donít?
    How to Develop Improvisation to Become a Better Public Speaker
    How to Overcome Speaking Anxiety
    How to Deal With A Hostile Audience
    A.U.D.I.E.N.C.E Analysis-It's Your Key to Success
    11 Tips for Using Flip Charts More Effectively
    Using Overhead Transparencies
    The Job Interview Process - 5 Stages
    Your Telephone Speaking Voice
    Elements Of An Effective Speech
    Speech Preparation As A Process
    Impromptu or Extemporaneous Speaking
    How to Gesture Effectively
    Gathering Information and Materials
    Using Visual Aids as Notes
    Using Computer LCD Display Projectors
    How to Use Transitions Effectively
    4 Common Ways to Remember Material
    How to Handle That Dreaded Question & Answer Period
    The 7 Aspects of a Dynamic Presentation
    Speaking - From FREE to FEE
    How to Create a Great First Impression
    Setting Your Personal Speaking Goals
    Five Ways to Make Your Body Speak
    What Not To Do When Making a Keynote Presentation
    Reconsider What Training Means ...
    Quick Tips You Can Use In Everyday Situations
    Hints for Eliminating Visual or Verbal Clutter
    How To Cure the Verbal Virus - A Five-Step Treatment Plan
    Six Lessons Learned From FDR's Fireside Chats

    My Favorite Two-Minute Vocal Warm Up
    Public Speaking Improves Every Area of Your Life
    Setting up in business as a speech writer - some legal aspects
    Body Movement / Walking Patterns
    The Importance of Checklists
    Increase Your Vocabulary
    How improving employee work conditions will increase customer service
    How To Become a Skilled Orator
    Stress Won't Help Your Public Speaking
    Monroe's Motivated Sequence
    What Do Great Presenters Do That Good Presenters Donít?
    Public Speaking:Critical Leadership Skill
    Guide to Time Management
    True reason why people are scared of public speeches
    Where Should I Look When Being Recorded on Camera

    Overcoming The Three Most Common Fears In Public Speaking - Guest Article

    Feel free to ask me any specific questions on presentation skills, speaking or any problems you may be having and I will be glad to provide you with some expert advice.

    If you would like to include any of our speaking tips in your company's or association's publications, please E-mail your requests to

    Let me know what topics you would like to see discussed in future "Tips of the Month" by E-mailing me your suggestions. Please use the link below to send me your suggestions and ideas. Write to me and let me know how these tips have helped you. These tips have helped thousands of people from over 178 countries. Feel free to add a link to this page from your college, university, corporate web site, association or local Toastmasters club.

    Click here to send me your ideas:

    While you're here, why not take some time to visit the rest of my web site. Press here to go to the main page or use the convenient links below. If you would like to know when we add new tips, please complete our on-line guest book.

    Remember, Lenny is a professional speaker and is available to speak to your organization or association and can provide in-house seminars and workshops on presentation skills & related topics. Lenny is also available for private consultations and can prepare a customized program for you or your organization. Call or e-mail us with your specific needs.

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