How improving employee work conditions will increase customer service
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How improving employee work conditions will increase customer service

The way employees interact with customers is a strong indication of the quality of the workplace. Customers who receive poor service will likely not return to the same place twice and potential customers will be put off by poor reviews and rumours. This is why it’s important that you do everything you can to put your best foot first when you’re faced with your customers. A positive customer service experience can sometimes solve even the worst of problems and tackling your customers with a sincere, professional and considerate outlook could do wonders for your business.

One of the best ways to improve the quality of your business’s customer service is to improve the work conditions of your employees. Employees are the one meeting and handling your customers, so you should ensure that they are happy and hardworking when it comes to providing a great service for them.

In order to start improving your working conditions you first need to change the dynamic of your work place. Do you see yourself as a boss or a leader? Are you the coach or part of the team? The way employees relate to each other and their superiors can have a big effect on the way they relate to their clients. In a company that lacks empathy and optimism an employee will be less likely to be empathetic towards customers. If you can create a community in your workplace – create conditions for your employees to befriend one another and get more involved with each other – then you will see your workplace transform into somewhere a lot more positive and friendly. Employees will enjoy their jobs more because there are fewer restrictions, they’ll feel more confident in their work because they have an encouraging leader as opposed to a threatening boss, and they will be more open to sharing and advice and knowledge with their co-workers that may help them improve their customer service.

A lot of people come into a job without being entirely sure about what they’re doing. We all go through stages where we’re a bit naïve and not sure if we’re doing the right thing. In a workplace with poor work conditions, employees wouldn’t be trained and any mistakes they make would be entirely their responsibility. This can cause employees stress create an unorganised and unpleasant environment and this would then lead to your employees being less than passionate about pleasing customers. Unless you give them the confidence they need, even the best employees might feel that their job is out of their control.

Instead, you should give your employees equal opportunities to prove themselves by providing them with customer service training. By giving your employees customer service qualifications and training you will ensure that they feel confident when dealing with customers and happy in their job. Providing employees with this sort of benefit will also improve their motivation and noticeably decrease the amount of stress in your work environment.

There are all sorts of ways that you can improve the work conditions of your employees and ultimately it’s up to you to decide on your approach. When you make those changes you should imagine that you are moving closer towards creating a compassionate and cooperative company; for both your customers and your employees.

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