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Team Presentation Skills


Team presentations involve specific techniques and are usually involved when the stakes are higher. Special preparation techniques and coordination efforts are critical to the success of the team presentation.



This course is designed anyone who has to deliver team presentations. This course assumes prior speaking and presentation skills experience and is designed to have participants work as a team to prepare and deliver a team presentation.


You will learn how to present as a team in a manner that there is one coherent presentation. This 3 day course is identical to the two day Executive Presentation Skills Course except additional time is spent on advance topics such as how to develop a good team presentation, How to introduce each speaker of the team and other advanced techniques.


The 7 Aspects of a Dynamic Presentation

How To Use Visual Aids More Effectively

How to Improve Your Vocal Variety

Power Gestures and how to use them effectively

How to control your body movement

How to Create a Great First Impression

Your Spoken Image as a Leader

How to Handle Questions including Hostile Questions

T.I.Q.S. - A Way to a Speakers Introduction

Team Presentation Skills Concepts


Topics will be presented by a series of short lectures, group discussions. Each team participant will deliver several short videotaped presentations will be professionally critiqued by Lenny. On the third day the team will prepare and deliver a team presentation focusing on team presentation skills concepts.


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