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Success Via the Internet - Secrets of Growing Your Business Online


This is a powerful one-day workshop to help you learn and understand how to grow your business using the internet. Lenny's website receives between 96,000 and 126,000 visitors and over 32,000 e-mails each month from his website. Lenny has over 76,000 people who have subscribed to his FREE monthly Simply Speaking E-Zine and Lenny can teach you how.

Lenny has clients in over 172 countries as a direct result of his website and internet marketing techniques.

You will learn how to effectively use E-mail, maximize your website so search engines can easily find you and much more!

There is no limit to the class size.


Professionals at all levels who want to build an effective website or for those just thinking about it. You too can enjoy the exciting advantages of being on-line.


To learn how to effectively use the internet to really GROW your current business or even start a new on-line business using the power of the internet..


How to Market on the Internet

Webpage Marketing

Website Design Tips - Lenny's Top 10

Truly Understand How Search Engines Work

The Power of Reciprocal Links

How to Publish Your Own E-Zine

Understanding E-mail Marketing

How to Effectively Use Newsgroups


Topics will be presented by a series of short lectures, group discussions. Lenny will take you "on-line" and actually show and demonstrate what he talks about. Lenny makes understanding the Internet fun and will cut years off your learning curve. Lenny's information filled book is worth the price of admission alone!


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